Live Video Streaming

HMG StreamingĀ is a leading provider of live video and audio streaming. Weather you have 10 or 10,000 viewers, customers, or virtual attendees that you need to communicate and interact with, HMG makes it easy, offering a cost effective, secure, and scalable solution. Our turnkey, end to end streaming/webcasting solutions extend the reach of your live event, allowing your customers or fans to engage and interact with each of the presenters and panelists.

We handle all bits, bytes, datarate, frames per second (FPS), mumble jumble, and how the PowerPoint is going to connect to the streaming computer, etc. Let your audience and customers come to your website and watch your live stream. HMG can easily embed the customizable “Streaming Player” into your (and/or multiple) website(s). HMG offers enhanced customization of your webcast landing page, includeing message boards, chat rooms, polling, Facebook and Twitter.

HMG is a collection of talented professional dedicated to providing affordable, high quality multi-media services and production crew