Hildreth Media Group specializes in enterprise-grade video streaming. Our video streaming services help our medical clientele connect and communicate with their orthobiologics thought-leaders from around the globe.

Every year The Orthobiological Institute (TOBI) gathers in Los Angeles, Chicago, and/or Las Vegas for their annual symposium, workshops, and cadaver labs with 500+ attendees and 60 exhibitors.

In 2010 The Orthobiological Institute hired Hildreth Media Group to pre-produce several videos to help educate and train other interested physicians about new science with regenerative medicine treatments. They were also very interested in live streaming all content to their global audience that is unable to attend the yearly gathering of leading physicians, scientists, and experts in regenerative medicine.

In 2018, Hildreth Media Group wrapped production of their 9th year working with Dr. Sampson (Founder, TOBI) and Julie Patchis (Event Producer, TOBI). Hildreth Media Group has been an integral part in helping grow and connect TOBI with their medical community.

Julie Patchis, Event Producer – The Orthobiological Institute

 “Hildreth Media has proven to be a critical aspect to our event production team over the past seven years. Royce’s innovative A/V solutions have up scaled our production year after year while adding revenue through solutions including live online streaming, recorded video sales, and flash drive production. We trust Hildreth Media explicitly to direct and manage all media for our annual conference, interface with venue A/V, review contracts, and deliver with their own team and local staff and unions as necessary for venue compliance and cost-effectiveness. Our event has grown and moved from our home town of Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Chicago, and we take Hildreth Media with us across the country because of the high quality and peace of mind they deliver.”

Hildreth Media Group specializes in producing live streams for medical organizations, institutes, and institutions. We pride ourselves on delivering an engaging and interactive user experience. We understand the importance and sensitivity in producing medical related live streams and webcasts.

Our medical clients include: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dexcom, Novartis, Global Blood Therapeutics, Sharp Medical Center, NextGen Healthcare, Bringham and Women’s Hospital, Mazor Robotics, Exagen Diagnostics, Children’s Physicians Medical Group, GE Healthcare, BD, Hologic, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Carefusion.

Hildreth Media Group is San Diego and Southern California’s number one streaming provider. Our live streaming, webcasting and production services help you connect and communicate with your community and thought-leaders around the globe.

The Orthobiological Institute (TOBI)

Client Requirements (Video Production)

  • 8 High quality videos that showcase and illustrate the intricacies of each procedure and care provided to patient.
  • Proper techniques and care of platelet rich plasma, bone marrow aspirate & intraosseous injections.
  • Capture ultrasound-guided injections while performed on patient.
  • Filming in physician suite with patient. Minimal filming crew/gear so not intrusive during operation.

Client Requirements (Live Video Streaming/Webcasting)

  • Live stream/webcast and record TOBI 16 hr. medical symposium
  • Live stream/webcast and record 42 presentations with PowerPoint and other audio/video media assets/elements
  • Live stream/webcast and record 4 breakout tracks (simultaneously)
Three different types of Town Hall and All Hands meetingsCedars-Sinai Medical Center Live Streaming