Three different types of Town Hall and All Hands meetings

Three different types of Town Hall and All Hands meetings

With the power of live streaming all meetings are no longer the same.

Hello, I’m Royce Hildreth owner of Hildreth Media Group. Town hall and all hands meetings are very important for employee engagement and displaying a clear vision to a workforce, respectively. But now, companies have more options today for how they communicate internally.

The three different types of town hall and all hands meetings are what we call the Presenter Only Live Stream, Small Group Live Stream, and EventLive Stream.

The Presenter Only Live Stream is a fast efficient information blast that only focuses on one or a few presenters. This is perfect for a CEO address to the employees, shareholders, or other executives across the globe. Because of the simplicity of the meeting, the Presenter Only Live Stream is fast and is perfect for important information that needs to be released quickly before it becomes public knowledge such as branding or logo reveals, company announcements and acquisitions, new hires, and leadership changes. This can be streamed from a conference room or the CEO’s office. This isa cost effective option.

The Small Group Live Stream is a great option for standard company addresses. This stream features a small group of 50 to 100 people attending the event live, while streaming across corporate branches. This form of stream focuses on increased engagement for in person and over the stream questions and comments. We suggest a live Q&A where employees can ask questions locally, or through email. This stream also offers an increased production value. A stage with lighting and screens creates an experience for the employees in the room and on the stream.

The Event Live Stream is best for large company meetings, announcements and seminars. In these types of town halls or all hands meetings, production value can skyrocket. This is no longer just a meeting but the Event live stream will create a memorable experience for your employees. More production value means a more professional production with the inclusion of more cameras, lights and a vibrant presentation stage bolsters the events entertainment value. The Event live stream also involves a large audience around 1,000 employees.

Which ever stream is right for you, all three streaming options have no limit for attending guests; expanding the reach of the meeting room.  They all feature the engaging video platform making it possible to feature slides, photos, videos, and to stream in featured guests during the meeting.

At Hildreth Media, we record all of our live streams and make it readily available at no additional charge. This allows employees to view or rewatch the live stream at their own convenience.

Live streaming offers near unparalleled immediacy, authenticity, and more importantly results. To learn more about live streaming and how Hildreth Media Group can help with your next event visit

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