Virtual Event, Live Streaming and Webcast Services

Live Town Hall, Live All Hands, Live Corporate Communications, Live Video Streaming, Webcasting

It’s no small feat for internal communications teams to keep every employee in sync, informed, and engaged. Today, more businesses turn to virtual events and live event streaming to help communicate and interact with their colleagues and counterparts anywhere, and on any device.

Hildreth Media Group has extensive experience producing live streams in San Diego and around the country. We are experts in streaming: Town hall and all hands meetings, virtual meetings, virtual events, shareholder summits, investor relations meetings, CEO briefs, etc. We pride ourselves on delivering an engaging and interactive user experience.

Virtual Event, Live Streaming and Webcast Services

We offer enterprise-grade security, seamless integration, powerful analytics, project management, and video capture/video on demand. Our video streaming motivate, communicate, and educate teams, clients and communities.

Headquartered in San Diego, Hildreth Media Group services all of Southern California Orange County, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, and the United States.







We execute by offering services in live streaming/webcast, show direction, technical direction, equipment and engineering support for businesses of any size.

Recent Live Streaming

hard work = good fun

Communicate, Motivate

Celine Dion: Courage World Tour Announcement

Exclusive Facebook Live streaming event

Communicate, Educate

PayPal: Virtual Shareholders meeting webcast

International Audience

World Wide Audience

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, World Wide Premier, Live Streaming Event

750K concurrent viewers • 10 languages • 33 different steaming signals

Motivate, Collaborate, Educate

Hologic Diagnostic: Q1 Town Hall Meeting & Webcast

Private/Secure webcast for Hologic employees/partners

World Wide Audience

Destiny 2: World Wide Premier, Live Streaming Event

650K concurrent viewers • 7 languages • 10 different steaming signals

Collaborate, Educate

TOBI Regenerative Medicine Symposium, Workshops & Cadaver Labs, Live Streaming Event

550 audience • 125 concurrent viewers • 21 countries watched/particpated


Bringham and Women’s Hospital: Women’s Health Luncheon

425 audience • $650,000 raised


ColdPlay: Head Full of Dreams Albulm Release Press Junket

Live Switch/Line Cut • 50 Press Interviews • 30 Countries

Motivate, Collaborate

Oprah Winfrey: Live Your Best Life

5 peer-to-peer Skype TX (remote audience participates live) • 7000 invite only live stream